Denver Broncos Supercharge the Fan Experience with WaitTime

The Denver Broncos announced the implementation of WaitTime, an artificial intelligence solution that provides real-time insights about fans’ experiences at Empower Field at Mile High.

The technology has been installed at select stadium entrances and exits to help operators better understand how guests are welcomed into and leave the venue. This information will allow the Broncos to make data-supported decisions regarding capacity and crowd management that will lead to a more seamless fan experience.

WaitTime’s patented technology is used by entertainment venues around the world, but the Broncos are the first NFL team to leverage it after it was initially piloted at the 2021 NFL Draft. At some gates at Empower Field at Mile High, WaitTime is installed alongside new ticket scanning devices and metal detectors.

“Early WaitTime data is indicating that at gates where we have newer scanning devices and metal detectors, wait times to get into the game are shorter,” said Russ Trainor, Senior Vice President of Information Technology for the Denver Broncos. “These are the types of findings we hope to continue to prove out with WaitTime, so we can provide the best and most enjoyable experiences for our fans.”

WaitTime at Empower Field at Mile High, powered by Cisco Meraki network and Intel Xeon Scalable processors with built-in AI accelerators, uses its own highly sophisticated artificial intelligence to precisely count the number of people in a given area and determine whether they are passing through or waiting in line, all while maintaining individual fan privacy. For the Broncos, this data will help them validate assumptions and make operational decisions based on accurate, up-to-date information.

“We’re excited to bring WaitTime to the NFL with the Denver Broncos,” said Zachary Klima, CEO of WaitTime. “Truly understanding how people are entering and exiting the stadium will not only allow the team to put data behind their assumptions, it will also allow them to strategically implement operational changes that improve fan experiences game by game and in real time.”

The Broncos intend to expand WaitTime technology to include additional gates for the 2022–2023 NFL season and a variety of other stadium events.



Senior Sports Technology Leader with over 20 years experience in the industry.

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Costa Kladianos

Senior Sports Technology Leader with over 20 years experience in the industry.