Oracle Cloud and WaitTime Partner to Elevate Venue Experience

As venues look for ways to elevate and innovate the fan experience, organizations are engaging technology partners to help provide proven solutions create a next level experience and provide tools to understand the fan. One of those innovative solutions WaitTime, a patented artificial intelligence solution that provides real-time crowd management insights to major sports and entertainment venues announced a partnership with Oracle Cloud today. WaitTime uses highly sophisticated artificial intelligence to precisely count the number of people in a given area and determine whether they are passing through or waiting in line.

Traffic flow in Venue has never been more important and while historically venue operators have relied on manual counting, imperfect data and even assumptions to make sense of crowd behavior, with WaitTime, they have access to accurate, real-time information. WaitTime allows operators to make in-the-moment decisions about how to strategically implement operational changes related to staffing as well as capacity management for restrooms, concessions, entrances and exits.

As people are eager to get back to in-person events and gatherings, capacity management plays an even more important role in creating safe experiences. WaitTime’s collaboration with Oracle Cloud will allow venues to access this information through a secure, cloud-based solution. WaitTime’s data is also accessible to customers and visitors via in-venue screens and mobile apps, which allow them to see real-time wait times at nearby restrooms, concessions, entrances and exits.

“Oracle Cloud is an amazing asset to WaitTime and this partnership is going to help us continue to scale our solution to more customers by cutting out the need for expensive, onsite infrastructure,” said Zachary Klima, WaitTime’s CEO. “This collaboration supports WaitTime in becoming a completely secure, serverless solution.”

Oracle, which offers integrated suites of applications plus secure, autonomous infrastructure in the Oracle Cloud, will bring WaitTime as the leader of crowd intelligence to more venues across the world with the support of this cloud-based model.



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Costa Kladianos

Senior Sports Technology Leader with over 20 years experience in the industry.