Revolutionizing the Fan Experience Leveraging The Power of Sof​tware

Costa Kladianos
2 min readJul 12, 2021


Crowd Intelligence™ from WaitTime and Dynamic Frontline Communications™ from Instant Connect are the new dream team for sports organizations, event managers, and others seeking to revolutionize the fan experience. “Our partnership represents an unbeatable combination of crowd intelligence software, frontline communications software linking mobile, radio, and IP devices, and Cisco infrastructures like Meraki cameras, UCS servers, and Hyperflex,” says Zachary Klima, CEO of WaitTime. “ We ‘re seeing organizations around the world — professional sports teams, event management companies, and others -embrace our alliance as they seek to revolutionize the fan experience leveraging the latest technology.”

Instant Connect , a 2021 Gartner Cool Vendor in Frontline Worker Technologies, and , the industry leader in crowd intelligence, are setting a new standard in crowd and event management. The two Cisco partners are redefining how large crowds are monitored and managed using some of the world’s most innovative enterprise software.

“WaitTime’s innovative approach is seamlessly integrated with our automated communications platform,” says Forrest Claypool, CEO of Instant Connect. “WaitTime offers real-time visibility into what’s happening with fan behavior. When crowd issues like long queue lines are identified, Instant Connect automatically triggers the creation of dynamic talk groups — dedicated voice channels — connecting and dispatching frontline teams to go solve the problem. Our two systems are automated-no manual intervention is required. Insight becomes action, instantly.”

Positioned for the post-COVID return to activity

WaitTime provides real-time data and historical analytics on crowd behavior, whether it’s a sporting event or transportation system. WaitTime’s patented artificial intelligence gives operations teams live information on crowd movement to anticipate and avoid problems with wait times and crowd densities. This is exactly what sports, mass transit, and other customer-centric operations need to maximize success in a world just waiting to open up again.

When WaitTime discovers an issue with crowds — such as excessive wait times at ticket booths or food courts — an alert is automatically sent to Instant Connect, triggering dynamic talk groups that spring dedicated teams of operations personnel into action. Team members can use any device they want — mobile devices, radios, computers, even desktop phones. Instructions can be included to expedite problem-solving, whether re-directing crowds to a different gate or adding mobile food vendors to speed concession services. It’s fully automated, accelerating situational awareness and response times.

Together, WaitTime and Instant Connect offer important new opportunities for customers to protect, enhance, and extend their Cisco-related infrastructure including Meraki cameras and related cabling, UCS servers, Hyperflex, Cisco Vision, and Cisco routing and networking equipment. This world-class equipment is key an integrated WaitTime and Instant Connect deployment.

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